Vapers just getting their feet wet with e cigs could start with Florida’s VaporFi if they want a company that will grow with them.

There is no other e cig company quite like theirs; one with equipment which follows consumers through stages of vaping, from the very beginning to advanced usage, and even facilitates the use of alternative materials like dry herbs with their Orbit herbal vaporizer. VaporFi supplies equipment and e liquid to satisfy discerning consumers who want a device they can switch on and go or one they have to play with to get the most out of their product.

VaporFi Kits

Each of their electronic cigarettes is available in a kit but parts are sold individually including batteries, tanks, chargers, and atomizers. Several of their tanks/clearomizers are interchangeable and can also be attached to models made by other manufacturers.

The kit form is popular because one usually saves money this way. VaporFi makes many starter kits so I will just touch on them below. They are the Express, Pulse, Air, Rocket, Rebel I and II, Three Pro Kits, and a Vox 50.

Express Bundle

VaporFi's Express Kit

When something is labeled “Express” (like a train, driving lane, grocery check-out, etc.), you know it is meant to take you where you aim to be in a hurry. This is a mini cig with two batteries, a charging kit, and a price tag of about $30. The Express kit is your fast track into the world of vaping because of its intuitive design: just puff on the end and it does the rest.

Pro Series Bundles

Vaporfi pro colors

The three packages for this vaporizer cost from $50 and up and are available in black, several colors, or with a special Platinum tank. The basic Pro battery is a 650-mAh EVOD-style cell and the matching EVOD-type tank is designed with a viewing window inside a protective, discrete sleeve. You should get 5 or 6 hours out of a charge.

Air Kit

Vaporfi Air Kit

When you leap between an Express and Pro, you might catch some air: the Air vaporizer that is. This 350-mAh elliptical vaporizer’s distinctive flat shape is both attractive and small. It comes with a charging kit, mouthpiece, and clearomizer for about $40.

Pulse E Cig Starter

Vaporfi Pulses

No other charging kit for an e cig looks like this one. The Pulse circular charging dock operates as a wireless stand as well as a portable USB charger. You receive two 750-mAh batteries with little screens at the bottom displaying how many puffs you have taken since turning your Pulse on. VaporFi charges $120 for the bundle.

The Rocket

VaporFi Rockets

A Rocket looks like something NASA would come up with, only a tiny prototype small enough to fit in your briefcase. It is a 1600-mah device with adjustable airflow on a 2.5-ml tank with 1.8-ohm coils. You pay around $120 for this set too.

Rebel I and II

vaporfi rebel ii

Both versions of the Rebel are telescopic to accept small or large batteries, but those sizes change between versions I and II. A Rebel I package comes with 600-mAh and 2200-mAh batteries, offers variable voltage, and features a dual coil 3-ml tank.

With a Rebel II, you receive one 750-mAh and one 2800-mAh battery plus a 4-ml dual coil tank. But now, besides variable voltage, you can vary output up to 15 watts. Both sets are priced around $180. Each version features a control tube containing a microprocessor and a charging kit is included.

Vox 50 Kit

VOX 50 choose your RDA

Now that box mods are all the rage, VaporFi offers three options with their Vox 50 starter: a Volt Hybrid atomizer, Rebel Tank, or Bolt RDA. The Rebel Tank provides an airflow adjustment valve.

The Bolt is a dripping atomizer and was originally designed for the Vox 50 VW mod. A Volt with organic cotton coils can be used at sub-ohms. Lowest resistance for the Vox 50 is 0.2 ohms.

Remove the battery or charge and vape, thanks to pass-through functionality. Protective features include reverse battery protections, low voltage and low-resistance monitoring, and high-voltage monitoring.

Refill with VaporFi Juice

None of these kits is packaged with juice by default, not even the Express. Cigalike bundles usually contain cartomizers, but not the Express. You can buy blanks or one of 5 flavors in packs of 5 for $14.99.

Each bottle of liquid costs $14.99 for 30 ml, which is an excellent price for juice mixed from USP ingredients and bottled in an FDA-approved lab. Vaporfi invites vapers to invent their own blends using single flavors or complex pre-made styles to come up with their own complicated concoctions for no extra charge. Their Blend-of-the-Month Club offers various incentives.

Artisan juices by VaporFi, released early in 2015, cost $21.99 for 30 ml. VaporFi designed these for dripping atomizers and high-watt mods like their Rebel II and Vox 50. Flavors contain 60% vegetable glycerin instead of the standard 30% found in their usual line and are pre-steeped so they can be vaped straight out of their glass bottles.