V2 Cigs Starter Kits

With seasonal exceptions such as the limited edition holiday starter package, there are 6 V2 Cigs starter kits (if you include the power-cig) ranging in price from $24.95 to $149.95. This is a typical range give or take a few dollars, but V2 is especially popular. Find out why by ordering your own standard starter kit.

V2 Standard KitThe Standard Kit

This is e-cig middle ground: the $62.22 Standard Starter Kit. It features two batteries, 10 cartridges, a wall adaptor, and a smart charger. The ten flavor cartridges are available in two five-packs, so you select two flavors in the strengths of your choice.

Options are three types of tobacco and three menthol varieties (regular, peppermint, or green tea). V2 also makes coffee, vanilla, cherry, and cola-flavored cartridges.

These are pre-filled cartridges, but if you prefer to create less waste, replenish your stock with blank cartridges and buy e-liquid.

The batteries, like the kit, are standard but the smart charger is a recent innovation. It prevents overcharging batteries while recharging batteries more quickly than before. Customers also get a wall adaptor.

A Standard Plus kit, costing $103.73, provides a portable charging case which many consumers find highly convenient. Otherwise, it is the same package.

The Ultimate V2 Cigs Starter Kit

At a special price of $155.62, the Ultimate Starter Kit is about $50 more expensive than a Standard Plus, but it is usually $186.75. For this price, consumers receive a lot of extras and more choice. For instance, select batteries in one of three sizes (short, standard, or long), manual or automatic batteries, and choose a color for each one. There is blue, stainless steel, pink, black, or white.

The kit features a power cig which bypasses battery power, working straight off of an adaptor or USB power source. It is frequently used at computer desks where one would typically find a handy USB port, but can also be puffed on from a car adaptor which comes with your kit.

The car adaptor can also be used for charging your batteries, but an extra-large portable charger will help you stay charged too. Also included in this starter kit from V2 Cigs are a metal case (graphite, stainless steel, or white) and a lanyard, not to mention the smart charger and wall adaptor.

In addition, an Ultimate Kit comes with 25 cartridges: the most of any V2 starter kit except the Couples’ Kit, but 40 cartridges equals 20 each. Cartridges come in packs of 5. Choose up to five flavors and strengths: 0% nicotine, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%.

EX And Pro Series

V2 Cigs does not seem to fit in its former place among e cig companies any more. It is as though there is an unspoken e-cig mold and they do not want to fit it anymore. V2 Cigs isn’t exactly like Halo with its mini and eGo-style devices, or Volcano with those and a third mod, or like Triple Seven selling multiple models of electronic cigarette for e liquids only. V2 Cigs appears to be a hybrid supplier divided almost evenly down the line between e liquids and herbs or concentrates.

V2 Cigs EX Series

The EX battery and cartomizer looked, on first glance, to be a replacement or alternative to their Classic battery series. I had imagined it would be bigger and more impressive in lots of ways but it just confuses me.

Their three Classic batteries measure 67 mm, 79 mm, and 110 mm long. The EX falls between the Standard and Long format at 100 mm and offers a lower milliamp rating at 280 mAh vs. 380 mAh from the long cell. Aesthetically, the EX is very different with a strip of LED lights that glow when you vape or show you when it is time to recharge. A Classic battery glows red at the tip only.

The EX Battery also works with its own cartomizer, and this time the difference is big. An EX cartomizer provides double the puff count of a Classic carto. EX Batteries are sold in 5 patterns and colors: Royale, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Bloom, and Brushed Steel. Regular batteries are blue, black, silver, pink, or white. Classic cartos wear their sleeve all the time but EX cartos come naked: you place the sleeve over to match your battery and its window shows you how much juice remains.


Besides e liquid blanks, V2 Cigs also made a special blank clearomizer for use with waxes. It only fits the EX Series battery, but there are blanks for e liquid too. If you are becoming comfortable with wax, you might want to consider the Pro Series, V2 Cigs newest innovation. Otherwise, use their e liquid or pre-filled cartomizers. They sell 6 pre-filled flavor choices from tobacco and mint/menthol selections priced about $15 for 5.

Three-in-One Pro Series Vaporizer

V2 Cigs caused a stir when they introduced this new series of products. Versions 3 and 7 have already been released and garnered much acclaim. They are magnetic pen vapes which produce loads of vapor whether you fill a cartridge with herbs, wax, or liquid. It’s a magnetic system which reads the cartridge you use; a specified cartridge for each type of material. By detecting your cartridge from the code on its magnetic connection, your vaporizer base determines which heat setting to choose. You do not have to adjust anything: just press a firing button. The rest is done for you.

This system is fully magnetic, including your USB charger. Cartridges slot into a console which rises up from the battery base as a cover for the cartridge. The console creates a seamless appearance while eliminating threads and the possibility they will wear and lead to broken connections.